Guess who’s back, back again
[Snap Shot]‘s back, tell a friend

After being sadly absent from the game for about a year, this much-loved, fan-favorite upgrade is making a highly anticipated comeback!

And at range 2 instead of 1st edition range 1; that’s approximately 3x the attack area!
(We’ll see in practice whether range 2 is actually better than range 1)

Like many other players, I have 5 beautiful repainted RZ-1 A-Wings (that a friend very kindly did for me), because Snapping A-Wings were such great fun.

Skittle Squadron! Let’s get these bad boys back on the table.
(I also needed a pretty picture to make up for the incoming wall of text)

So in preparation for this grand occasion, I looked through all 247 upgrade cards and 348 pilot cards (released before Wave 5) to find combinations and good places for Snap Shot.


With that many cards to potentially combo with, its good to figure out the rules as to what will and what won’t work. Link to Rules Reference v1.0.4

  • Firstly, Snap Shot is a Special Weapon (yes, even though it is a Talent upgrade). To quote the rules reference this means “Since special weapons are not primary weapons, they do not benefit from abilities that trigger while performing a primary attack.” There’s an awful lot of pilot and upgrade cards that interact with primary attacks that won’t interact with Snap Shot, an important one for us 1st edition veterans is Crack Shot. Snap Crack A-Wings can’t Crack Shot on a Snap Shot any longer. And, being a Special Weapon, you could choose to shoot with Snap Shot when you engage, but I can’t think of a good reason why you would want to. Also the rule that a ship can only perform one bonus attack per round applies.
  • Timing is also important, Snap Shot triggers after an enemy ship executes a maneuver, which is between steps 2 (Execute Maneuver) and 3 (Perform Action) of activating a ship. Therefore, that ship generally has no tokens to defend or repositions to escape. However, in 2nd edition there are a myriad of other cards and abilities that trigger after you (fully/partially) execute a maneuver (see below). More rules: “If both players have abilities that triggered from the same event, the abilities are added to the ability queue in player order.” So with any of these other effects present, if first player has Snap Shot, Snap Shot happens first, if second player has Snap Shot, Snap Shot happens last.

Cards/Abilities with the same timing and have an effect that matters to Snap Shot: Lando Calrissian (Modified YT-1300), Full Throttle (TIE Defenders, N-1 Starfighters), Night Beast, Fine-Tuned Controls (Delta-7 Aethersprites), Ahsoka Tano, Kad Solus, 4-LOM, Temmin Wexley, Elusive, Afterburners, R4-P17, R4-P44, Dauntless, Unkar Plutt (crew).

  • The other highly relevant bit of rules is Dice Modification. Adding, changing, rerolling or spending a die result is all dice modification and and cannot be done to the attack dice during a Snap Shot attack. Note: “Rolling additional dice or fewer dice is not a dice modification.”

Onto the combos, breaking them down into the good, the bad and the ugly.*

*Points dependent of course

Also there’s waaaaay too many cards being mentioned here, so no pictures or ability text. But I linked them all to a picture if you don’t know any of the abilities. You’re welcome.

The Good

There’s no R3-A2, but these ones might work effectively, in no particular order:
  • Any ship with a Talent slot. An extra attack is an extra attack, never going to be a bad thing. In particular RZ-1 and RZ-2 A-Wings with 2 Talent slots for even more options.
  • Clone Commander Cody: unmodified 2 dice attack is pretty likely to miss, getting a strain token on the enemy ship out of it seems good. Limited spots for this combo, only Republic ARC-170s with a Talent slot.
  • Torani Kulda: Snap Shot provides an extra opportunity for Torani’s ability to trigger (previously seen occasionally double tapping with Cluster Missiles), and often before enemy ships have a chance to get green tokens to avoid the damage.
  • Shadow Caster: The only thing that makes this combo somewhat fair is that the attack must hit, otherwise another chance to tractor enemy ships is plain nasty!
  • Turr Phennir: Free repositions after you get to see where an enemy ship has moved, seems good.
  • Airen Cracken: More free actions, after seeing where an enemy ship has moved, seems good.
  • “Pure Sabacc”/Gideon Hask/“Scourge” Skutu/Ahhav/Graz: Conditional 3rd die for the Snap Shot attack (rolling additional dice is not dice modification). Some conditions easier to meet than others, but extra dice is always good
  • Wedge Antilles/Intimidation (on another ship): Similar to rolling extra dice being good, having the opponent roll fewer dice is also good.
  • Captain Seevor: This guy is never bad, and with the addition of Snap Shot it becomes easier to get his ability off at more impactful times
  • “Whisper”: Same caveat as Shadow Caster, requiring to hit makes this fair, but the thought of Whisper being able to get 3 evade tokens a round is mean.
  • Krassis Trelix: This guy gets to use Snap Shot out the rear arc! Double the zone where enemy ships want to avoid.
  • Laetin A’shera: Snap Shot has a pretty decent chance of missing, free evade token! (opposite of Whisper)
  • Zuckuss (crew): Can’t modify your own dice, but can modify your opponents dice. And if Snap Shot triggers before you move, you could clear the stress immediately with a blue maneuver and use Zuckuss again in the Engagement phase.
  • Informant/Cassian Andor (crew)/Supreme Leader Snoke/Grand Inquisitor (crew): The extra dial information gained can help you set up to trigger Snap Shot better through reposition actions (or coordinate to reposition actions with the Grand Inquisitor crew).
  • Berwer Kret: New card with unknown points, might be good? If the friendly ships all get to activate first and lock the would be defender, and Berwer hits with the Snap Shot, things could get nasty. Though doesn’t seem any better than Berwer hitting with his more potent regular attack.
New pilot in upcoming Nantex expansion deserves a picture

The Bad

These ones probably won’t work well:
  • Outrider: Let’s you ‘ignore’ obstacles when Snap Shotting (+1 green dice, then -1 green dice), probably not worth, better off with Snap Shot on a different chassis and a different Talent on the YT-2400
  • Trick Shot: Only available on A-Wings with the 2 Talent slots, but probably to tricky to get to trigger and not worth the points
  • Juke, Outmaneuver: Again, only for A-Wings. Should be easier to trigger than Trick Shot, but at 6 or 7 points plus the (estimated) 5ish for Snap Shot, that’s a lot of points being put into an A-Wing. As much of a A-Wing fanboy that I am, I don’t see this being the combo of choice. Better off with Crack Shot or Heroic in the 2nd Talent slot, even though they don’t interact with Snap Shot attacks.
  • Lieutenant Kestal: In most situations the defender will have no way to modify their focus or blank results (unless coordinated, Full Throttle, gas cloud, force… actually there are a few ways). Still weird edge case, put the Snap Shot on something else cheaper/better
  • “Blackout”: As above with Outrider and Trick Shot, obstructed Snap Shots is trying/hoping for too much.
  • Joy Reckoff: Spending a very limited and expensive resource to reduce defense dice on a weak Snap Shot attack seems like a waste.
  • Rexler Brath: His ability only works while evading, so generally won’t be active until after he activates at Initiative 5, reducing the opportunity for a nasty Snap Shot.
  • 4-LOM (crew): Unless Full Throttle with a first player bid becomes the meta, Snap Shot attacks are unlikely to run into any green tokens on defense that need nullifying.
  • Synchronized Console: I mostly just think this card is bad in general, but this combo does have the interesting effect of being able to pass a lock up the initiative chain. Action neutral and needing the enemy to fly a certain way to get the combo off doesn’t feel the best.
  • “Midnight”: Bad card with a fringe use as defense dice from Snap Shots are generally unmodified.
  • “Axe”: This one sounded alright, until I looked at the base points cost of the pilot. Not even close to value.

And the Ugly

These ones don’t work… for now

Ones that don’t work at all:

  • Crack Shot: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (because its a common enough mistake, and one I have made myself), but Crack Shot is primary attacks only. No Snap, Crack, Pop.
  • R5-TK: As fun as Snap Shotting a friendly ship with Deadman’s Switch might sound, Snap Shot only triggers on enemy ship’s maneuvers.
  • Major Rhymer: This range broadening ability on triggers for Torpedo and Missile attacks. No range 1-3 Snap Shot (holy sh*t that would be hilarious)
  • Thane Kyrell, Director Krennic+Optimized Prototype: Spending dice results counts as modifying dice, so not allowed.
  • IG-88B: Can only perform 1 bonus attack per round.

Ones that don’t work with current upgrade slots (which are subject to change every 6 months):

  • Predictive Shot: If there becomes a pilot with both Talent and Force upgrade slots, this might be a useful combo. Or might not be.
  • Count Dooku (pilot): If Dooku gets a Talent slot, performing an action at weird times in the activation phase could be good.
  • Ben Teene: As good as applying the Rattled condition in the Activation phase would be, no Talent slot.
  • Same for Caption Rex and “Wampa”, no Talent slot, no fun allowed.

And a lot more I skipped over because they don’t work, so mostly irrelevant. Dozens of things that work with primary weapons or modifying dice.

I probably should have done more research before writing most of this, as after having written most of it, I ventured onto the FFG forums and reddit (something I don’t do a lot of) to maybe find a couple things I missed, and found recent threads on the same topic on both of them! FFG Forums Thread and Reddit thread. But whatever, I’d done most of the work, and I’d like to think I have less mistakes than some of the discussion (I gave up correcting them all here, Snap Shot is not a primary attack FYI). Enjoy!


Blog post number 20! With almost 37,000 total views before posting this, I’m very happy with how this little venture is going. Thanks everyone!

4 thoughts on “SNAP SHOT IS COMING BACK!

  1. I can make a weak argument for Snap on Colonel Vessery:
    Vessery moves/fires at a low enough initiative that he can be arc dodged or the friendly might want to spend the lock beforehand, or high enough that something that already has a lock moves into his arc. If a friendly has a target lock on that ship, Vessery gets a free lock.
    Might be useful for a Missile Vessery (to get Focus/Lock/Evade before firing the missile at a target)?.
    Takes a lot to set up though….

    Could Longshot in the TIE/FO be ok?
    3 dice at distance, 2×2 attacks at R2 (one against usually unmodified defense), standard bonus attack at R1…
    Doesn’t seem completely terrible.

    Ships with reasonable reposition/Range Control and Snap Shot could be ok against higher Initiatives.
    Duchess (and Strikers in general), Ved Foslo, Sabine in the Attack Shuttle/TIE Fighter, Barons in TIE V1s (?), Starvipers, Cloaking ships, anyone that can be coordinated a boost/barrel roll, might be able to better control where R2 is.
    Might make Cienna Ree more interesting vs flankers.

    I don’t think I would necessarily want to build a strategy around it (possible exception of some of the really good ones, like Seevor).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, good catch with Vessery there. That argument is about as weak as most of mine lol
      Longshot doesn’t sound terrible. No direct synergy, but indirectly looks okay. Points cost is pretty important of course for all these reasonable options


    1. Welcome to the game! Snap Shot was shown to be coming in Wave 5 in the Nantex and the Republic Y-Wing, as well as 2 copies in the Hotshots and Aces card pack


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