Hyperspace thoughts (March ’19) Part 2 of 2

I delayed posting this a couple days, with the horrific and tragic events in Christchurch I didn't feel like posting anything on Friday. Some things are more important. Check out Part 1 here Empire Empire have a couple of decent archetypes to use in the Hyperspace format. TIE Swarm It is no longer Schrodinger's Swarm … Continue reading Hyperspace thoughts (March ’19) Part 2 of 2

Make Dengar Great Again!

I know, I know, why would anyone want to make Jumpmasters great again. I have as much reason as anyone to never want to see them again, having lost a Nationals final to Dengaroo. But hey, I like a challenge, and the 2.0 Jumpmaster certainly is one hell of a challenge. I think there is … Continue reading Make Dengar Great Again!

Execute Order 66 – NZ Nats 2019 report

Woooo! Blog post #1. About a meta that died 2 days later... Actually written a couple of these over the last few years, might try writing a bit more and have it all in one place. New Zealand Nationals was 26/27th January 2019, same weekend as the Arizona System open, and mere days before the … Continue reading Execute Order 66 – NZ Nats 2019 report