Blog written by Nathan W, New Zealand X-Wing player. Nathan Squadron, King of the Castle. Gun for Hire.

Highly uninspired name, saving the creativity for the blogs themselves.

I know from experience there are people out there that just can’t get enough X-Wing content. This is my little contribution to the pile.

Taking a fun, more light-hearted approach, whilst still trying to keep it critical and competitive. Memes and jokes promised. Just another X-Wing fan.

Writing with no schedule, with no specific content pattern. I write about what I want to, when I feel like it. No one’s forcing you to read.
Open to ideas about future content or other suggestions.

I like to think I’m friendly and open, so feel free to hit me up about anything, X-Wing related or otherwise 🙂 Pretty sure I’m not very hard to get a hold of.

Occasionally make fun alt art cards, mostly Porg and LEGO based so far.