Fun? With the First Order?

The First Order has never been a faction that's quite spoken to me as one I want to play much. I've definitely tried them a few times, but nothing ever clicked to make me want to play them more or use them competitively. But over the last few months, the ideas for fun repaints on … Continue reading Fun? With the First Order?

Auckland HST: Roger Rogering again

When it rain's, it pours. Nothing for a couple months, then tournaments on back to back weekends, with a semi-local Hyperspace Trial to follow the Australian Grand Champs. List, Prep, Stuff I decided to stick with the same ships and give them another go, but absolutely wanted to tweak the squad to improve the mirror … Continue reading Auckland HST: Roger Rogering again

TIEs to the Oceanic Team Champs

Part 2 of my overseas X-Wing trip for the year (probably only one trip), and the second biggest event I'd attended (behind the previous weekend's System Open). And getting to represent New Zealand for the second year running, this time captaining the team Squads For reference, this was a Hyperspace format tournament (unanimously voted on … Continue reading TIEs to the Oceanic Team Champs

Jumping to Hyperspace in Wellington – TIE Tournament Report

AKA I actually went to another tournament! Oh, hey. NZ actually has a Hyperspace Trial. Dope. Been too long since some competitive X-Wing. Only 6 months, but close enough (missed a whole points rotation) Squad Selection I started looking at the TIE swarm back around the June/July points change and while my team for the … Continue reading Jumping to Hyperspace in Wellington – TIE Tournament Report


Synergy, from the greek synergos, is "working together". With the rather meager size of the Resistance, (especially following *Trigger Warning* The Last Jedi), working together seems pretty important. Following up my (still popular? being read at least - holy sh*t, thank you dear readers. Some point costs have changed, but mostly still relevant) Action EfficienT-70 … Continue reading SynergyResistance

Hyperspace by Numbers: Why Soontir should go

The idea of a limited format, and an extended format has been pretty cool. But the development of the Hyperspace format has been becoming less limited, with no firm indication of changing back to more restricted. Here's my thoughts on what a more limited Hyperspace format could be. Hyperspace History Shameless plug for my 2nd … Continue reading Hyperspace by Numbers: Why Soontir should go

Don’t stress over Strain, and other new rules

New wave! New factions! New rules... (Was planning to wait for a new rules reference/FAQ document, but with the points released today and no other documents, who knows when we might see it. Now that I've published this, probably tomorrow...) Strain With Wave 3 comes a new type of token, and it is a nasty … Continue reading Don’t stress over Strain, and other new rules