Separatist Tower Defense

X-Wing can be a fun game. Tower Defense can be a fun game. But the two probably shouldn't mix... But here's a silly combo, to get a wall of unlimited Proton Bombs around your homely little corner of the board, and never have to move. Fort Nathan shall not be breached. Tower DefenseBombardment Drone Hyena-class … Continue reading Separatist Tower Defense

Angled Deflectors, Expose and Opportunity Costs

Following (yet another) FFG *let's just say* mishap last week, the remainder of the cards for Wave 4 have been revealed, and despite the absence of point costs, they can still be somewhat interesting to talk about. Here's one of those cards (rest found at the bottom of the page): Angled Deflectors ModificationSmall or Medium … Continue reading Angled Deflectors, Expose and Opportunity Costs

Hyperspace by Numbers: Why Soontir should go

The idea of a limited format, and an extended format has been pretty cool. But the development of the Hyperspace format has been becoming less limited, with no firm indication of changing back to more restricted. Here's my thoughts on what a more limited Hyperspace format could be. Hyperspace History Shameless plug for my 2nd … Continue reading Hyperspace by Numbers: Why Soontir should go

Danger: Electro-Proton Bomb

This week, FFG streamed a preview game featuring some of the upcoming ships in wave 4. (Full stream found here). During the stream, a number of new cards were revealed. The one which has garnered the loudest response is the Electro-Proton Bomb, including some claims that the sky is falling, though mixed response overall as … Continue reading Danger: Electro-Proton Bomb