ARCs and (theory)Crafts

Also Feat. How to build a deployment The first thing I wanted to try (and did try) when Wave 3 came out was ARCs. Medium base, lots of health, 3 attack dice, seemed to fit my playstyle well. Unlike the Rebel ARCs, the Republic have generic ARCs, and the I2 ones came out a pretty … Continue reading ARCs and (theory)Crafts

Don’t stress over Strain, and other new rules

New wave! New factions! New rules... (Was planning to wait for a new rules reference/FAQ document, but with the points released today and no other documents, who knows when we might see it. Now that I've published this, probably tomorrow...) Strain With Wave 3 comes a new type of token, and it is a nasty … Continue reading Don’t stress over Strain, and other new rules

Count Dooku – Smug Separatist

Warning: Maths Ahead He does look quite smug, sitting there with whatever scifi beverage that is, feeling good about himself What can Dooku do for you! The recently spoiled Count Dooku crew card is certainly very interesting. At first glance he appears to be some unholy combination of 1st edition Emperor Palpatine and C-3PO (both … Continue reading Count Dooku – Smug Separatist

What about the droid attack on the Wookiees?

X-Wing Wookiee Strategy ^With some emphasis on combating Separatists. With the impending release of Wave 3 and the Separatist faction, we can soon discover the answer to one of the most pressing questions from the Star Wars universe: These sage words from Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi are full of depth that can be explored. Rebel Wookiees … Continue reading What about the droid attack on the Wookiees?

Just Jedi Things – Exponential Coordination

It's no secret that Battle Meditation looks to be really good, point cost dependent of course. Coordinate has seen A LOT of play in second edition, with several of the coordinate carriers receiving a points a increase in the January points balance (Escape Craft, Sheathipede, Squad Leader). Actions are really good, and being able to redistribute … Continue reading Just Jedi Things – Exponential Coordination