System Open Sydney with Sinker

A System Open finally near me. A mere 2207 km (1371 miles) away, compared to next closest distance of 10909 km (6778 miles) to Phoenix, Arizona. Though as near as one might reasonably expect. This was easily going to be the biggest event I'd attended, with the initial 250 seats selling out in about 24 … Continue reading System Open Sydney with Sinker

ARCs and (theory)Crafts

Also Feat. How to build a deployment The first thing I wanted to try (and did try) when Wave 3 came out was ARCs. Medium base, lots of health, 3 attack dice, seemed to fit my playstyle well. Unlike the Rebel ARCs, the Republic have generic ARCs, and the I2 ones came out a pretty … Continue reading ARCs and (theory)Crafts

Just Jedi Things – Exponential Coordination

It's no secret that Battle Meditation looks to be really good, point cost dependent of course. Coordinate has seen A LOT of play in second edition, with several of the coordinate carriers receiving a points a increase in the January points balance (Escape Craft, Sheathipede, Squad Leader). Actions are really good, and being able to redistribute … Continue reading Just Jedi Things – Exponential Coordination