Fun? With the First Order?

The First Order has never been a faction that's quite spoken to me as one I want to play much. I've definitely tried them a few times, but nothing ever clicked to make me want to play them more or use them competitively. But over the last few months, the ideas for fun repaints on … Continue reading Fun? With the First Order?

Jank Tank Open: The Journey of me and my Electroproton Bomb

Many, many weeks ago, with all in-person X-Wing being postponed indefinitely, the Fly Better podcast started up the Jank Tank Open, played on Vassal. There's been heaps of online events running recently, but the big podcast name and cool alternate format, lead to a massive number of signups, nearly 500 players registered. For those who … Continue reading Jank Tank Open: The Journey of me and my Electroproton Bomb

Ms. Marvel: Far from Uneventful

In Marvel Champions, Ms. Marvel has a fun set of unique Hero Cards, and of particular interest to me are those that synergize with Event cards; Ms. Marvel's Morphogenetics ability, Embiggen! and Shrink. Morphogenetics let's her bounce an event back to hand, to play again or use as a resource for another card, and Embiggen! … Continue reading Ms. Marvel: Far from Uneventful

Some thoughts on Slow Play in X-Wing

Recently, the narrative of swarms being the cause of slow play and games not being completed has come up again, and a number of us strongly disagree with this conclusion and we were having a good bitch about it in discord. And this happened: Yes, I can write my own narrative. So, a few hours … Continue reading Some thoughts on Slow Play in X-Wing

How Stuff Works: Droids

The third entry in the "I played a few games with a Separatist swarm" series (after a couple of tournament reports: Australia Grands and Auckland HST) goes into how some of it works, since its pretty clear to me that a lot of players (including Separatist players themselves) don't how all the pieces and abilities … Continue reading How Stuff Works: Droids

Auckland HST: Roger Rogering again

When it rain's, it pours. Nothing for a couple months, then tournaments on back to back weekends, with a semi-local Hyperspace Trial to follow the Australian Grand Champs. List, Prep, Stuff I decided to stick with the same ships and give them another go, but absolutely wanted to tweak the squad to improve the mirror … Continue reading Auckland HST: Roger Rogering again

Australian Grand Droidfest

In a surprising twist, I'm very quickly back overseas for more international X-Wing (sorry Singapore, this one worked out better for me to go to). (Let's try keep this one a bit shorter than previous tournament reports, last couple got quite long...) Shout out to my buddy Rick, for making it super easy for me … Continue reading Australian Grand Droidfest

TIEs to the Oceanic Team Champs

Part 2 of my overseas X-Wing trip for the year (probably only one trip), and the second biggest event I'd attended (behind the previous weekend's System Open). And getting to represent New Zealand for the second year running, this time captaining the team Squads For reference, this was a Hyperspace format tournament (unanimously voted on … Continue reading TIEs to the Oceanic Team Champs

System Open Sydney with Sinker

A System Open finally near me. A mere 2207 km (1371 miles) away, compared to next closest distance of 10909 km (6778 miles) to Phoenix, Arizona. Though as near as one might reasonably expect. This was easily going to be the biggest event I'd attended, with the initial 250 seats selling out in about 24 … Continue reading System Open Sydney with Sinker